Amigo Power Chairs

Amigo Power Chairs

Amigo products are different! Our USA-made, Amigo brand product line is therapeutically designed to provide comfortable solutions for people with mobility limitations. Hallmarked by Customization, Unique Seating, Tilt Options, and Product Innovations… the Amigo Difference is Worth Experiencing!

Offering a variety of standard features or custom-made options, the Amigo® brand product line provides a perfect solution to any mobility need.

Amigo Escort– Amigo Power Chair

Ideal for caregivers who want power assisted mobility, the Amigo® Escort was designed to travel on indoor and outdoor surfaces. The 400-lb. weight capacity accommodates virtually any user. The innovative design allows the easy transport of individuals and easily accommodates an Oxygen Tank Holder. IV Pole, Power Seat Lift and Swing Away leg rests options are also available.

• 400 lb Weight Capacity
• 30 Mile Battery Capacity
• 21 inch Ground Clearance
• Indoor and Outdoor Use
• Made in the USA

• Weight Capacity: 400lbs
• Over All Length: 32″.7
• Over All Width: 24″.1
• Seat Depth: 16″.5
• Max Speed: 3.4 miles per hour
• Range of Travel: Up to 30 miles
• Turning Radius: 21″
• Heaviest Piece: 75lbs
• Total weight with Batteries: 156 lbs

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