CTM Mobility Scooter- CTM HS 580 Mobility Scooter

CTM Mobility Scooter

CTM 3 wheel mobility scooters. CTM 4 wheel mobility scooters. CTM portable travel mobility scooters and CTM heavy duty electric scooters. With CTM mobility scooters you always get a quality electric scooter at an affordable price. Here is a list of the CTM mobility scooters we carry.

CTM HS 580 Mobility Scooter

With the CTM HS 580 you can gain the mobility you need with the Luxury Edition 4 wheel mobility scooter from CTM. The CTM HS 580 features a premium upholstered mid-back swivel seat with sliding adjustments, this sleek electric scooter has a basket up front to carry your belongings and a rearview mirror for safe reverse movement. The CTM HS 580 mobility scooter is offered at a great price.



CTM Mobility Scooters


• Overall length: 50 inches
• Overall width: 24 inches
• Overall height: 38 inches
• Wheels: front and rear 10-inch pneumatic wheels
• Maximum speed: 5 mph
• Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
• Motor size: 750-watt, 3400 RPM
• Battery: (2) 12-volt, 36Ah
• Battery weight: 28 lbs. each
• Travel range: up to 25 miles

Features include:

• 12-degree grade climb
• 2.8-inch curb climb
• 62.6-inch turning radius
• Electro-mechanical brake
• Premium upholstery mid-back and headrest swivel
• 18-inch seat width
• Electronics on/off key switch
• Battery level indicator
• Speed control knob
• Mirror and headlight

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