Golden Technologies Alante

Golden Tech Alante HD Power Chair

Let Golden Technologies take all the worry out of purchasing a power wheelchair. Our skilled technicians integrate the finest components with superior designs to provide you with the utmost quality, comfort, style and performance. We confidently stand behind all our products and provide you with the best warranties in the industry. choose Golden!

Golden Technologies Alante HD Power Chair

The Alante' HD is the highest quality, value added, heavy-duty power chair on the market today.  Designed for the entry level user, the Alante' HD offers you features typically found on more expensive heavy-duty power chairs. The Alante' HD is in a class by itself.



    425-pound weight capacity.
    10” driving wheels and alloy rims.
    Excellent maneuverability with a 21" turning radius.
    On board charger with side mount for easy connections.
    Heaviest Piece: 91 lbs.
    Top Speed: 5 MPH
    Battery Charge (Range): 20 Miles
    Turning Radius: 31"
    Weight capacity is 425 lbs.
    Weighs 230 lbs.


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