IMC Heartway Allure Power Wheelchairs

IMC Heartway offers power wheelchairs and folding electric wheelchairs that are affordable yet made of quality materials.

IMC Heartway is a great choice for a quality power wheelchair or folding electric wheelchair for the budget minded person. Don't let the low prices for the IMC Heartway power wheelchairs and folding electric wheel chairs fool you. The IMC Heartway power wheel chairs and folding electric wheelchairs are quality power wheelchairs and folding electric wheelchairs at very affordable prices.

 IMC Heartway Allure Power Wheelchair

The IMC Allure power chair is a strong, agile and versatile electric wheelchair.The IMC Heartway Allure electric wheelchair has active anti-tippers and a tight turning radius. Standard 20” captain seat. Height & width adjustable flip-up armrests. 50 Amp dynamic commando controller. Standard swing-away joystick/controller. On-board charge. 300 lbs load capacity. The IMC Heartway Allure electric wheelchair is a great choice.


• Overall Length 1025mm   
• Overall Width 615mm   
• Weight Including Battery 94.6kgs(208.1 lbs)
• Excluding Battery 65kgs (143 lbs)   
• Safe Climbing Angle  12º   
• Tires (Front) 200mmx50mm  PU Foam Filled 
• Tires (Rear) 260mmx85mm  PU Foam Filled 
• Load Capacity 300 lbs.   
• Max. Speed 8KPH   
• Range 45KM (28 miles)  Variability depends on Battery Charged, Temperature, Terrain and Users Weight 
• Recommended Battery Type  12V 50Ah x Pcs Gel Lead-Acid
• 14.80kgs (32.6 lbs) x 2 Pcs   
• Charger 3A  On Board Charger 
• Motor 24V Permanent Magnetic Motor   
• Transmission    
• Driving Twin Motor with Joystick Driving   
• Brake Full-Auto Magnetic Disc Safety Brake  

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