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IMC Heartway Mobility Scooters

IMC Heartway offers a quality mobility scooter at a very affordable price. IMC Heartway 3 wheel mobility scooters. IMC Heartway 4 wheel mobility scooters. IMC Heartway portable travel mobility scooters and IMC Heartway heavy duty mobility scooters. With IMC Heartway mobility scooters you always get the quality at a very affordable price. Here is a list of the IMC Heartway mobility scooters.Mobility Scooter Medicare.


imc heartway mobility scooters
IMC Mystere Mobility Scooter


    Overall Length   
    Overall Width   
    Weight 82.4 Kgs (181 lbs)
    112 kgs (Including Battery) (245 lbs)  
    Safe Climbing Angle  12º  
    Tires (Front) 310mm x 95 mm  
    Tires (Rear) 310mm x 95 mm  
    Load Capacity 400 lbs.  
    Max. Speed 12 KPH (7.5 MPH)  
    Range 40 Km (25 miles)  
    Recommended Battery Type  Gel Lead-acid
    12V 34Ah x 2Pcs
    14.8 Kgs(32.6 lbs)/Pc  
    Charger 5Amp, Off Board, 120/240 Volt, 50/60 Hz  
    Transmission With Mechanical Wheel Lever  
    Brake Full-Auto Magnetic Free-Wheel device  
    Speed Control Dynamic RHINO 110 Amp


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