Merits Power Wheelchairs

Merits Health offers Merits Power Wheelchairs and folding electric wheelchairs that are affordable yet made of quality materials.

Merits Health is a great choice for a quality power wheelchair or folding electric wheelchair for the budget minded person. Don’t let the low prices for the Merits Health power wheelchairs and folding electric wheelchairs fool you. Merits Health power wheelchair and folding electric wheelchairs are quality power wheelchairs and folding electric wheelchairs at very affordable prices.

Merits MP1IX Bariatric Electric Wheelchair

The MP1IX Bariatric wheelchair is Merits original folding power wheel chair. With a 350 Lb. weight capasity and 22 inch seat width. Its foldable design allows for easy transport in most vehicles.



Merits MP3C Electric Wheelchair

The MP3C is a unique and versatile power chair is designed for maximum maneuverability, even in tight and narrow spaces.

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Merits MP3CF Electric Wheelchair

The MP3CF smooth, quiet and high performance drive trains enable this wheelchair to travel over a variety of different terrains while retaining indoor maneuverability.

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Merits MP3F Electric Wheelchair 

The Merits MP3F has amazing stability due to its low center of gravity. With its high performance standards and maximum maneuverability. The MP3F power wheelchair will meet specially required mobility needs.

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Merits MP3RW Electric Wheelchair

The Merits MP3RW is a Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair with a Powerful Drivetrain. With its Wide Seat and Extra Weight Capacity it makes for one Tough Power Wheelchair.

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Merits MP3HD Electric Wheelchair

Merits heavy duty, durable power chair is designed to accommodate people up to 500 lbs comfortably and in style.


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Merits MP2 Electric Wheelchair

The Merits MP2 Multi-Adjustable Power chair was Designed for Rehab Use. Adjust this Versatile Power Wheelchair to the Patients Comfort.

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Merits MP1IA Electric Wheelchair

The MP1I is Merits original folding power wheel chair. Its lightweight design allows for easy transport in most vehicles.

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Merits MP1I Feather Electric Wheelchair

This Merits MP1 Feather Light Tubular Folding Powerchair is designed for the person on the go. Loads easily in most trunks with its light weight design.

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