Pride Mobility Jazzy power wheelchairs

Pride  Powerchairs

Pride Mobility Jazzy power wheelchairs are the highest performing and easiest to use. The Jazzy is Americas number one choice when it comes to electric wheel chairs. Innovative, patented mid-wheel drive design provides tight and precise control. Response to terrain challenges are instantaneous and aggressive movements are tight and precise.

Pride Jet Power chairs combine stylish design and high performance in an economical package. With standard features including programmable electronics and Pride’s patented JZMD mid-wheel drive design, Jet electric wheelchairs offer outstanding performance and maneuverability, all at a great value.


Pride Jazzy 600 Powerchair

The new Pride Jazzy 600 power wheelchairs features Mid-Wheel Drive 6TM technology along with Pride’s original, patented mid-wheel drive with enhanced stability.


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Pride Jazzy 1103 Powerchair

The Pride Jazzy 1103 Mini power wheelchair provides the ultimate in indoor maneuverability.


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Pride Jazzy 1107 Powerchair

The newest Pride Jazzy 1107 power wheelchair, the  Jazzy 1107, easily disassembles to travel with you wherever you want to go


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Pride Jazzy 1113 Powerchair


The Pride Jazzy 1113 ATS Power Wheelchair is the ultimate portable electric wheelchair.


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Pride Jazzy 1143 Powerchair

The new Pride Jazzy 1143 Ultra power wheel chair combines a sporty style and rugged outdoor performance with a standard power elevating seat.


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Pride Jazzy 1121 Powerchair

Offering the most unique suspension of any power wheelchair in the industry, the Pride Jazzy 1121 Power Wheel chair offers superb maneuverability.
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Pride Jazzy 1122 Powerchair

The Pride Jazzy 1122 Power Wheel chair has all of the benefits of the other mid-size Jazzy electric wheelchairs, but tops it off with Active Trac Suspension and a powerful motor that will take you up to 6 MPH.


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The Pride Jazzy 1133 PowerChair

The Pride Jazzy 1133 Power Wheelchair offers all the benefits of a full-sized, mid-wheel drive power wheelchair but with the added benefit of disassembling into five manageable pieces


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Pride Jazzy 1170 XL Powerchair

The Pride Jazzy  1170 XL Power Wheelchair is a stylish, high-performance electric wheelchair that combines the excellent indoor maneuverability

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The Pride Jet 2 and Jet 2 Heavy Duty PowerChair


The Pride Jet 2 and Jet 2 Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs are full-size power wheelchairs designed to meet the needs of most users, with a weight capacity of 300 lbs or 350 lbs

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The Pride Jet 7 PowerChair

The Pride Jet 7 Power Wheel chair has a unique easy-to-disassemble frame, which disassembles into 7 pieces for easy transport.


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Pride Jet 3 Ultra Powerchair

The Pride Jet 3 Ultra power wheelchair delivers a broad range of standard performance features like Active-Trac Suspension and a powerful 50-amp PG VSI controller on a very compact and maneuverable frame.

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Pride Jet 10 PowerChair

The Pride Jet 10 Power Wheelchair is a full-size mid-wheel drive power wheelchair that is easy to configure .

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