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Shoprider Mobility Products offers power wheel chairs and folding electric wheelchairs that are affordable yet made of quality materials.Shoprider Power Chairs have a stylish design.

Shoprider Electric WheelChairs are  a great choice for a quality power wheelchairs or folding electric wheelchair for the budget minded person. Don’t let the low prices for the Shoprider Mobility Products power wheelchairs and folding electric wheelchairs fool you. Shoprider Mobility Products power wheelchair and folding electric wheelchairs are quality power wheelchairs and folding electric wheelchairs at very affordable prices.


Shoprider FPC Folding Electric Wheelchair

The FPC is Shoprider’s newest folding power chair. The FPC is packed with pioneering technology and style.

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Shoprider Jetstream L Powerchair

Shoprider Electric WheelChair proudly presents the new, revolutionary Jetstream L. With exceptional comfort, Shopriders Jetstream L power chair has quiet power and maneuverability and is easily

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Shoprider Jetstream M Powerchair

Shoprider has done it again! The innovative Jetstream M power chair sets the standard with a quiet comfort, maneuverability and function combined with style and

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Shoprider Streamer Sport Powerchair

The Streamer Sport comes with puncture proof 10″ tires, on board charger and a dramatically sloped shroud. With only the best technology the Streamer Sport is equipped with self diagnosing P&G VSI controllers.

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Shoprider Streamer Powerchair

The Streamer™ 888WNL compact power chair offers unmatched style and comfort, whisper quiet maneuverability, with programmable joystick control for exceptional performance.


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Shoprider Wizz Powerchair


The Shoprider Wizz Powerchair offers a 320lb weight capacity and a great turning radius.

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Shoprider Jiffy Powerchair

The Jiffy is the ultimate powerchair for users who want ultra indoor maneuverability and an ultra transportable mobility solution.

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