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Tuffcare Electric Wheelchairs

Tuffcare Wheelchairs are one of the most affordable, reliable and highest quality power wheelchairs on the market today. We feel that with Tuffcare’s quality, great service and warranty it is an excellent choice for a power wheelchair. Tuffcare has an extensive line of heavy duty, bariatric electric wheelchairs. Tuffcare also has reclining power wheelchairs. Don’t let the low price fool you; Tuffcare WheelChair have quality power wheelchairs stocked on both sides of the country for quick delivery.


Tuffcare Pediatric 1000 Electric Wheelchair

Pediatric Electric Wheelchair.The Challenger 1000 is a power wheelchair designed for the pediatric or small adult user. The state of the art power system with a programmable controller requires minimal maintenance. Premium high-tech direct drive motors provide a smooth ride and low electricity consumption. Compact frame can be folded for easy transporting. Small turning radius makes indoor maneuvering a snap. Equipped standard with 90 degree swingaway footrests or optional elevating legrests.

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Tuffcare Pediatric 1200 Electric Wheelchair

The challenger pediatric series power Tuffcare wheelchair is designed for accommodating small adults and children.

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Tuffcare Challenger 1450 Folding Electric Wheelchair

The well design power chair Challenger 1450 has all the basic equipment. With none programmable controller it requires minimum maintenance. Standard equipped with pneumatic in rear for comfort ride.

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Tuffcare Challenger 1500 Folding Electric Wheelchair

The well design power chair Challenger 1500 is the most durable and functional power chair on the market today.

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Tuffcare Challenger 1700 Electric Wheelchair

This stylish motorized chair is the perfect match for someone with an active lifestyle.

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Tuffcare Challenger 2000 Electric Wheelchair

Challenger 2000 is the most reliable and valuable power chair in the market today.

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Tuffcare Challenger 2040 Recliner Electric Wheelchair

The Challenger Recliner 2040 is constructed with a manual reclining back to provide patients with extra comfort.

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Tuffcare Challenger Extra Wide 2500 Electric Wheelchair

This Challenger Extra Wide 2500 is specially engineered for patients who weigh up 430 lbs.


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Tuffcare Challenger 2540 Extra Wide Recliner Electric Wheelchair

The Challenger Extra Wide Recliner 2540 is specially engineered for bigger patients that require a manual recline back to provide extra comfort.

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Tuffcare Challenger 5000 Electric Wheelchair

The Challenger BP5000 is a power base motorize wheelchair. Are ridged none folding frame provides more stability, rear wheel power shock system provides comfort.


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Tuffcare challenger 5500


Tuffcare Challenger 5500 Powerchair

The stylish PP5500 motorized chair is the perfect match for someone with a active lifestyle. The state of art power-system with a programmable controller requires minimum maintenance. 


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Tuffcare 6000

Tuffcare Challenger 6000 Electric Wheelchair

Challenger BX6000 is our heavy-duty power base motorize wheelchair. It comes with an over size wide seat. Ridged none folding frame provider more stability, rear wheel power shock system provides comfort. 

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Tuffcare challenger 6500


Tuffcare Challenger 6500 Powerchair

The Challenger power base PX6500 is a heavy-duty front wheel drive power base with sports seat and headrest extension for maximum comfort. 

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