Wheelcare/ Ev Rider Mobility Scooters

Wheelcare/ Ev Rider Mobility Scooters

WheelCare/ EV Rider builds these products to be the best available mobility assistance scooters – easy to use, comfortable, and transportable. Empowering people needing mobility assistance with active, fulfilling lifestyles. Wheelcare/ EV Rider feels a genuine sense of commitment to their customers. Their goal is to provide the very finest mobility products on the market, and to deliver more value for your money.


Wheelcare/ EV Rider Breeze Mobility Scooter

This high scale, main stream scooter incorporates many new automotive industry components, with emphasis on quality, reliability and safety.

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Wheelcare/ EV Rider Superlight Mobility Scooter

The SuperLight from WheelCare, is the next generation in scooters. At first glance, you'll be impressed by its stylish design, flowing, contemporary lines, and sleek appearance.

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Wheelcare/ EV Rider Superlight 3 Mobility

SuperLight 3's small dimensions and short turning radius make it a dream to maneuver inside shopping malls and homes where space is limited.




Wheelcare/ EV Rider Sportster Mobility Scooter

Sportster (total weight capacity up to 450lbs) A very heavy duty scooter, available in stretch & bench seat models.




Wheelcare/ EV Rider Caddy Mobility Scooter

This attractively designed and versatile mobilizer incorporates many of the features of the popular SuperLight with the added features that it Folds Up in seconds.

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