Choosing a Stairlift Rental in London vs. Buying One

A stairlift rental makes the most sense when you need it for a short time. It can be because you’re recovering from surgery, or because your parents are in town for the holidays. The prices associated with stairlifts will vary based on the duration for which it’s rented, the type of stairlift and in some cases the brand. Generally, it will cost you around £200 – £400 a month.

How Long Will You Need the Stairlift Rental?

When deciding between renting a stairlift or buying one, it is essential to ask yourself how long it will be needed to help determine if it is worth the cost. Renting a stairlift is only economical if you’re going to use it for a couple of months. For instance, if you are living in temporary accommodation, and installing a permanent stairlift isn’t a good idea, but you have a physically challenged relative at your home, then a rental makes sense. A rental will also make sense if a family member is recovering from surgery and only needs assistance for a couple of weeks until they make a full recovery.

On the other hand, if you think that the stairlift rental will be needed for over six months, a wiser decision would be to buy one. The cost associated with paying the initial fee for the rental and the monthly payments may end up exceeded the actual cost of a new stairlift.

Stairlift Rental Limitations

Many stairlift rental companies in London may only have straight rail models since these are perhaps in the most demand and are comparatively easy to install. It is hard to find rental versions of outdoor stairlifts and curved stairlifts, mainly owing to the higher cost associated with customizing the rails to make it suitable for unique staircase designs. So, for outdoor and curved staircases purchasing a stairlift is going to be your best and only option.

Choosing the Right Rental Company for your Stairlift

Many stairlift companies in London offer potential clients a written quotation or estimate. Some businesses will be able to provide you with a couple of different options so that you can choose one that best suits your needs and budget.
When renting a stairlift, make sure that you consider the following:
It should have a flexible seat belt for safety and comfort
Needs to have battery backup so that it can still function in the event of a power outage
A key to prevent unauthorized people from using it
Should be able to accommodate the user’s weight
A swivel seat for easy landing


We know how important finding the right stairlift rental in London is for many people. That’s why you must take your time to find out what type of stairlift will work best for you or your folks. Then do a bit of research to find the best prices for uncompromising stairlifts to ensure the most comfort and safety. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a rental company that offers good customer service coupled with competitive pricing along with having a wide selection of stairlifts available for rent.